Dec 072005

Being in love is hard…. I say this because its not easy, for if it was easy… Wouldn’t everyone be in love? Love is also about sharing, compassion, fun, support, respect, passion and understanding. Its also about forgiveness, I think you most likely have to have each of these for love to be perfect, but can you have them all, all of the time? I don’t know this, but I’ve made a promise to someone, and I mean to keep it as best I can.

However, I’m still not really good at it. I’ll admit I don’t profess to know all the questions, or know how things are supposed to be all the time. I can only hope the ones I love give me the chances and the help I need. That being said, this last month of 2005 should not just be the end of the year, but the start of a lasting, beautiful love

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