Dec 312005

Well, it’s almost a New Year! Yes, time has come full circle but I find that this year is so much better then last. This year I am full of joy, laughter, love and passion

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. I have two of the most wonderous people in my life and sharing every day with them has become my life. It’s hard to sum up this year, because I don’t want to jinx the next one. This year was full of great things, and good times. I fell in love, I was promoted, I’ve become a Paba and I’ve never been happier. I can only hope that the year to come is 1% of what this year has been and it will be awesome.

However, I’m thinking this year will have its own suprises and its own great moments. I’m eager to get this next year started!!

For all those who I didn’t get a chance to say hi to the last few days. I hope you’re having a great day and an awesome year.

btw.. I’m 34 now…

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