Jan 102006

So the last few days Matt has been drinking ALOT of liquids and because of this during the night he has been a little “over” excited about drinking more and has needed to be changed, sheets replaced and duck (his favorite blanket) washed in the morning.

We all know that the drinking isn’t so much thirst (especially at night) as it is security. Tonight I thought I’d try something different. I put him to bed with a half a sippy

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. He layed down, had a few pulls on it, found out it wasn’t as easy to suck on as a bottle and simply snuggled with it instead. Now he’s fast alseep and there’s a good chance we will have a “dry” night.

ps. I have a back up bottle just in case, I’m not crazy 😛

Christine and I have plans to go to Florida in mid Feb. I’m super excited to show her my “home town/land”. We are going to have so much fun!! =)


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