Feb 122006

We leave for Fort Lauderdale and my folks tonight

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. Our flight leaves just before midnight and will arrive at 8am on the East coast. Here’s what we plan to do while there! (This is a basic over view of plans and does not actually tell you what kind of fun we will be having on those days)

12 Sunday We Leave
13 Monday Arrive/Acclimatize/Explore Day ? Ft Lauderdale /Night ? Miami
14 Tuesday Valentines Day/Explore Day
15 Wednesday Disney World Orlando (Drive There)
16 Thursday Disney World Orlando (Day Two)
17 Friday Leave DW Drive to Space Center/Ryan?s
18 Saturday Explore Day/Fort Lauderdale BBQ
19 Sunday Drive to Key West Early Morning
20 Monday Over night in Key West (The Sunset/Sunrise)
21 Tuesday Drive back from Key West/Rest
22 Wednesday Explore Day/Fort Lauderdale
23 Thursday Pack to Leave/ Light Explore Day/Tie up loose ends
24 Friday We are home!

I’ll update you from Florida as soon as we get access to some PC action =)
I hope everyone misses us!

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