Mar 092006

It’s another great day. I had a “wonderful” experience with Dell this week. You see the company I work for has an “EPP” which stands for “Employee Purchase Program”. Normally we can get up to 12% off a new PC. I was excited because I was under the impression I could use the Dell Outlet (which is their refurbished PC’s division) So I was unable to find a way from our EPP page, to get to the Dell Outlet, So I used the Home & Home office link to get to the Outlet. I spent days and days tweaking and re-tweaking laptop configs trying to find the best one. I then spent about 2 days refreshing the outlet store (since PC’s there are only good for 15 minutes, and normally they are sold very quickly). So after I ordered it, I called Dell CS to arrange the EPP discount. I was told by no less then 6 reps that my EPP discount was valid with my Dell Outlet purchase. However, none of them could tell me how much that discount was for, or who could apply it.

Some of them said I would have to SHIP the laptop back, wait for it to arrive, and then order it again to get the discount. I though this was totally unacceptable, and after 2 phone calls and about 3 hours on the phone I decided just to have them transfer me to a superior. You see I had been transfered back and forth between 4 different departments and I was getting tired of it. Unfortunately, in the middle of being transfered and waiting 15 minutes I got a busy signal and had to disconnect.

This was my last straw, so I fired up the EPP page and found some contacts. One was Mr. Washington, who is an account manager for online sales. He transfered my email to a Mr. Hollis who is the Affiliate ISR account manager for Online purchases. Mr. Hollis was nice enough to call me and speak to me. I told him my story. How I had been told by multiple CS reps my EPP discount was usable. Mr. Hollis told me straight up that these reps were just wrong, incorrect and that there was really nothing he could do for me.

He did mention that if I wanted I could return the laptop and purchased a new one from the EPP page, he would “expidite” my shipment if I sent him my order number. I said I would think about it and let him know

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. I then went home that night to build my laptop on the EPP page. Only I couldn’t, you see during the day they had discontinued my CPU speed.. so now I could either get a 10 GHz slower PC or spend 100 dollars more to get a 1 Ghz faster PC. All this just broke me.. I sent an email to Mr. Hollis basically saying they had one. Some da later,I may post here the two letters I sent them. For now though, Im going to keep them.

So for anyone wanting to buy a dell, make sure you contact them on the phone first and get any discounts or promises in writing. This way they can’t back out on you like they did with me.


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