Apr 162006

Happy Easter everyone. I hope that where ever my family is (since they are driving north right now) are having a great time and I’ll talk with you later. =)

I also want to catch people up on what’s been going on.

-I have a renewed sense of place at work, I’ve been able to FINALLY get my day back in order. The last few months have been chaotic at best, and I’ve been pulled 10 different ways every time I go there. This makes it really hard to stay focused. However, I’ve got some plans and some time to develope them, so I’m pleased to say life is back on track!

-Some new promotions may be in my future soon. I don’t want to jinx anything but I’m excited. This last month I helped with a new proposal that would “create” a job for myself, and to boot there are new spots opening up in Product Management I want to get my hands on. I also worked on an internal website project with 2 others. We roughed out some ideas and layouts and I’m happy to say that mine was the inspiration for the final one. I also got to mock up the final and hand it over to one of the others to finish.

-Christine and I are madly, deeply and fully in love

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. I can’t explain how these last few months have been since we got back from Florida. Outside of a rough day or two (which everyone has from time to time) we’ve had nothing but great days. I can’t wait to see what our future looks like and brings.

-Matt, smart, funny and a blast to be around. What else can I say about the little guy. The other day he counted to 4. Now don’t be fooled, he’s been counting to 15 for months now but he actually COUNTED items up to 4. It was great. No longer will he just mimic or repeat up to 15, but soon he’ll be able to say how many banana’s he wants!! He’s also singing almost ALL of the James Blunt song “You’re Beautiful” which is funny as all hell when you hear him signing it. =) Hell, he may even be better then James Blunt!

-Friends! These last 2 months have seen me get in touch with several people I’d not seen for several years. Some since HIGH SCHOOL! others since the mid to late 90’s. I also lost a friend “Steve” who along with myself and some other great guys had the best damn times. His laughter and zeal will be missed.

Well, it’s been great catching up, I plan to do some more soon. I need to get this last months photo’s uploaded and pages made. Keep in touch!!

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