Apr 302006

This month has been perfect. We celebrated Easter and Matt’s Birthday as well as it being one of the closest months Christine and I have had. Everything just feels perfect

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. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, tiny arguements, headbutting, and general fuss but nothing horrible or scarring.

This week Christine will be home mostly, she has big plans and wants to do some spring cleaning. I’m 100% behind her. We have so much we could do with out. We are also going to step up our search for a new apartment (2bedroom minimum) and I also want to start planning a solid date for our wedding. We decided sometime in late September-ish, but I want to get a firm date down, and start putting things in motion.

Anyways I have a MASSIVE project I have to get started on this weekend for work, and I have to tidy up the house some. Love everyone! especially you Christine!

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