May 012006

So I started EverQuest 2 last Sunday. I’ve been going at it at a decent clip, nothing too insane, nothing over the top. I still need to pay attention to other things around me you know =)

Anyways here are the two characters I’ve been working so far. I have them on two different servers because I have friends on them and I want to play with both. I’ve also picked classes I’ve not normally played in the past. In most MMOG’s I play the melee guy who holds his ground and just hits to hit. This time around I picked completely different.

Name: Nafanua
Server: Mistmoore
Allied Good
Currently Lvl 11 Swashbuckler (May 1st 2006)

Name: Nirrti
Server: Everfrost
Allied Evil
Currently Lvl 11 Warden (May 1st 2006)

Both are a blast to play, one sneaks around everywhere while the other can heal and dish out some good damage. So you’re probably asking about the names…

Nirrti is the Goddess of destruction and death in the Indian/Hindu culture and since she is evil, this seemed like a fitting name.
Nafuana is the Samoan Goddes of war, which just happen to fit my plans for this character.

I’m not sure just yet how I’m going to roleplay them.

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