Jul 242006

Wow has it been hot!! This is the second or third time this year that the Bay Area has been hitting big highs. During the day the apartment is at or around 96-101 and at night we can get it back down to about 85. By morning the bedroom is at a breezy 77 but that’s very far away from what it is now.

We tried to find some fans in the area to help out

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. Only no Walmarts, Kmarts, Lowes or Home Depots for up to 4 hours away have any.. all sold out.. I called as far north as Sacromento, and as far south as Gilroy. Nothing..

So insteas I bought a “Swamp Cooler” Online and 2 20″ fans. They should be here before The weekend. =) granted its a bit hot, but I think with those fans it should cool down big here.

I’ll keep you guys up on the fan story as its a great one so far, but I’m in the middle of playing some Dark Age of Camelot atm, so well, you understand.. i’m busy!

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