Sep 032006

Day #2 He sleeps at 9:40pm

I started early tonight, I gave him a bath at 8pm and we done and had completed our routine before 8:30pm. It was looking like it was going to work. I read him a rather long story, in hopes that it would put him to sleep. God was I fooled by him. As soon as I was done, he turned in his bed, faced me and began his “anti-sleep” routine. This went on for some time, ending with him sleeping near the door again.

This time however, he would not let me leave his sight. Even though I could respond to him instantly and he knew I was right there, he would cry if I left him for more then a few seconds. After some rough moments we ended up back in his bed, this time he was not going to win. He pummelled me with “Paba, wanna hold you” over and over, but I stood my ground at the doors edge. I reassured him in soft tones and made sure he knew I would be there, but I remained firm that he close his eye’s and sleep now.

After this started, it lasted maybe 15 minutes and finally he was a sleep

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. Do I consider this a victory? Yes/no, I consider it a partial. Yes, he’s sleeping in his own bed before 10pm. No, because it took so long to get him down. I think tomorrow I’ll try and run him at the park down the street some first. This used to work at the old apartment and I think some outdoor play will do him some good.

What I’ve learned…
*Matt really is a mind and will bender, he will start out slow but really hit hard and play all his “sweet” cards until you fold and give in when he knows he’s about to lose.
*Matt has the lungs of a Tenor… or 4…
*Matt has no fear of flinging himself at things when he doesn’t get his way. (a whole other problem that will need addressing)
*Matt is still only 2 1/2 and really needs an adults that love him to go out of their way to make sure that the very best is done for him.

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