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So Christine has not been feeling well these last few days. Abdominal pain, back pain and nausea have been our friends these last few weeks. These are all classic symptoms of a UTI and that is what all the doctors and us have been going off of

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. However, the other night was particularly bad, and once again the doctors were clueless to find a cause as the UTI diagnosis has turned up negative time and time again.

I?ve had a running theory about the cause myself, but have only just now had one of the doctors come to the same conclusion. It actually has a name, ?Adhesion!? For some time I?ve been thinking the pain is surgical, and related to her recent appendix removal and the healing process. So what is adhesion? Apparently as high as 89 % of post op patients can get this, though nobody has ever heard of it, and the symptoms almost match that to a UTI. However, adhesion is a whole different beast to treat and we?ll be looking at talking to some other doctors who may have some experience with it over the next couple of days. The exciting part about this is that now that we have a possible cause, we can actually look for an active solution. You can?t imagine how frustrating it is to see someone you love in discomfort and not have any solution to help, both personally and from professionals.

At least now I can focus on something tangible now, and its time to kick some doc butt!

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