Dec 122006

We had the EA holiday party which rocked. It was Vegas themed and Christine and I had a blast gambling and singing songs! Work is kicking ass too! We are in the final phases of combining the two large teams into three smaller teams that will be one big team. No more being seperated by a few rooms and such.

Ultra-sound appointment at the end of the month, it went great and the baby is looking awesome!!

The baby is getting closer, Christine is actually feeling pretty good at the moment. No horrible pain for the last couple of days and only having mild hernia pain when she lifts things she’s not supposed to or over exerts herself for the day.

We are going to the OGBYN about every 2 weeks now, Dr. Laros’s office is probably one of the best

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What a wild month since I left for Fairfax!! I spent a few days near our Nations capitol where I trained a bunch of great guys and gals. I also had a chance to check out a bunch of the sites and landmarks.

On the flight back I met a very nice WOW player 😛 yeah she knows who she is!! I hope your little trip to Cali was all fun.

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