Jul 092007

It’s time for another exciting week!! yeah! Lets see what kind of things do I have planned? I have to finish stressing the new pieces I got for my desk at work (see below) and I am going to start a new “photo” project for the summer.. Let me tell you about it.. Also still alot of video to capture off the DVR to burn to DVD.. lots!!.

Bay Area Potty” Lately while driving around I’ve noticed that the Bay Area has crap loads (sorry for the pun) porta potty’s. And that these porta’s are in the oddest and strangest places I’ve ever seen. I find myself driving by saying.. “who in the world would need to use that??” So I thought it would be neat to make a coffee table book of it.

I saw “Live Free or Die Hard” the other night and it is by far one of the better summer movies. It had awesome special effects and action scense though some were a “bit out there” as for reality. It’s nice to know that Bruce Willis can still run at his age too, that leaves hope for me!! 😛

I also have some fun things at work to do this week. Lots of FAQ writing for KR, and hopefully BF is working correctly this week and wont be the bane of my exististance. We may also have some new employees canidates by later this week to interview which would be great.

Finally, my Mother returns from Italy on the 16th or so which is great becuase I haven’t been able to talk to her for 6 weeks while she’s been lounging in Italy and it would be nice to see what she has been up to. =) I miss her…

Alright, talk to you guys later this week to let you know how much of the above stuff I actually got done

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