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So I just received my new MP3 player from last week and am loving it! The Meizu miniplayer is a 4 gigabit MP3, FM radio, Picture and Video Flash Memory player

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. It has a 2.4 inch screen and displays images and video at 320×240.

The player is super small, about the size of a Credit Card, and about as thick as 20 playing cards. The touch pad is a very cool feature, though it can be very sensitive some times. Scrolling through the menu system is really easy and finding songs and video’s is a breeze.

Sound quality is awesome, the volume is super high and I’m glad it allows me to limit the volume via the menu system so I don’t accidentally deafen myself. Bass response is great, and it has like a 12 band customizable EQ as well as 5 presets.

Video playback and encoding for the player is really simple. So far I’ve noticed that in 50% of the movies I’ve encoded if I encode a VOB file directly I get a little bit of synch problems. However, if I convert a divx movie the audio is spot on. Playback is pretty smooth at 18-20 fps and the screen is large enough to view the movies with out eye strain or problems. Resolution on the screen is also very high, so lettering and video is crisp, even at 320×240 resolution.

Overall I’m extremely excited and happy with the unit and have even ordered a silicone case to protect it. I can’t wait to use it on trips, long walks and just relaxing where music isn’t normally available. I’ve already been using it while I put the baby down to bed, and it’s been great to listen to music or watch a bit of a movie rather than watch a dark wall and silence.

Rating *****
5 out of 5 Stars

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