Aug 072007

Christine’s best friend Jamie has started her own blog.. based on CARDS!

Check it out, it’s still new so you can begin from the start and see her vision unfold! 😛
Christine has been kicking ass on her blog and has been making a bunch of posts. She is SUPER active in scrappin at the moment and I think it’s great.

I am still working on my major model project. I’ve been experimenting with the resins and trying some different things but finally I’ve made my first real “stab” at it. I’ve made a mold box, created some masters and poured in some RTV rubber to make the rubber mold. Right now it’s drying, but it seems to be working.

I started with concept I found online,

then sketched out my idea.

Finally I cut out the styrene shape and sandwiched clay between two peices to make the thickness.

I already know that the “rubber” part of this is going to be the part that costs the most since it takes a LOT of RTV to create a mold then it does to pour little resin peices. However, it seems to be working and if it does, I’ll pour my first resin parts tomorrow night and then create my next mold.

So right now I’ve made the mold for 3 of the major deck peices, next is the mail hull of the ship

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. Once I pour these peices I’ll then put it together, add details like panels and plating and then I’ll make up my mind to either pour a master mold of the whole thing, or work with these peices to make one of a kind ships based off of a master.

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