Aug 112007

Robert Sederquist Sr. c. 2007

My Grampy passed away this morning, and I will miss him as Grandfather, an early mentor, and as part of our family.

A lot of the time you wonder if you could have done things differently. You think to yourself that maybe you should have called more or kept in touch more. You hope that even though you’re busy life keeps you from doing the simplest of things sometimes, that they may have had some time to peek into your life to keep an eye on it. Sometimes you fail as a person, you don’t act like you should, and you let your life obscure the important things.

I have not had a lot of contact with my Grandfather these last few years, and I take full responsiblity for that. I wont say it was a busy life, or that I had not had enough time. I think it was more of the feeling that he had always been there, and that there would be time “tomorrow” and leave it at that.

My Grandfather was a great man and I’ll miss him dearly, and I know he knew that I loved him and that he was always welcome in my home

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Grampy, you will continue to be there always for me, and that I know you’ll peek down from time to time to check up on me and the family. I know that you’ll be here now to see Catie take her first steps, and to speak her first words and to see Matt learn to ride a bike, and then to drive a car.

I know you’ll look down to see my family continue to grow, and that you’ll share in our love. I know this now that distance and time are not an obstacle.

I love you

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