Aug 182007

Let me fill you in on how are day went.. it’s rather funny!

First, Christine wanted to get a new printer (a super cheap one) so that she could make rub on transfers and this would most likely kill the printer over time. We bought a Lexmark for 20 bucks at Biglots. We get home and open it.. It doesn’t have a black ink cartridge. So we think, maybe it’s a mis-package. I go out to buy a new black cartridge and find out they are 19.99 a piece. That being the case we were out at Target and found another Lexmark for 24 bucks. So we buy that one and openend it. Guess what… no black cartridge!! We find on the box that there is a small piece of text on the insert card that mentions “Not all Ink Cartridges are available in all Geographic regions” WTF!!! We are taking them all back… screw them.

We went across the bay tonight, and did some shopping. We didn’t have 4 bucks for the bridge so we decided to find a place that would do some cash back. A bank maybe? or a store.. We first tried the Shell/Jack in the box we got gas at… Well who would have thought.. it was just a jack in the box with a few shell station pumps out front.. no shell station… Next we go to another gas station, I go in and buy a candy bar so I can get 10 bucks back.. They take my card, I go “I’d like 10 dollars in cash back” and the lady says.. “sorry, we don’t do that.. if you’d like me to do debit.. it will cost you 50 cents more… or I can do charge.

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The nice lady at that station says there is a Washington Mutual across the street.. We drive over there.. it’s in a strip mall.. the ATM is located behind a PASSKEY freakin door!! only card members get access…

Next we drive around and find a Wells Fargo.. They wanted 2 dollars for the transaction.. Christine laughed when I gave the ATM the finger. .5 miles down the street we found a BoA and all was saved… .(but then we got lost for 20 minutes) so it was a real fun time.

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