Aug 302007

This is part II of “For the love of God, will you just sleep”
Sleep, it is becoming one of the most important things in the world. I value it more than gold, or diamond

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. It is so rare that it surprises me that we haven’t mounted an expedition to go find more of it. The last two nights the kids have been bringing their “A-Game” at night.

Two nights ago,(Tuesday) it went like this:
Katie to bed at 9pm
Matt to bed at 11pm because he wouldn’t go to sleep.
Christine and Marco go to bed at 12:30 am (my fault because of a movie)
Katie up at 1am
Katie up at 2am
Matt up at 3:30am
Matt sleeps with us 3:45am
Katie up at 5:30am
Marco and Christine up and Marco goes to work at 6am

Last night: (Wednesday)
Katie to bed at 9:30pm (we went to the local library so we were running late)
Matt to bed at 10:30pm (has a bath, then fights sleep kicking and swinging)
Marco and Christine to bed at 11:20pm
Katie up at 1am
Katie up at 2:45am to sleep at 3:50am (we watched some tv and she played until tired again.)
Matt up at 4am but back to sleep at 4:15am
Marco sleeps in as late as possible and leaves for work at 6:30am

Lets hope to GOD they get on their right schedule soon or there may be a blood bath!!

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