Aug 302007

I just had the best 2 rounds EVER in Battlefield 2142 ending with my greatest achievement, 665 Career points in a round and my personal best round score of 72!!

I’m also doing great with my 2 main weapon stats

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Ganz HMG 265 kills to 41 deaths and the Clark 15B Shotgun 99 kills to 21 deaths.

I received the following ribbons and awards in the 2 rounds today.
1st Round:
Titan Survial Pin
-The squad I was in brought the enemy Titan down in record time. We just went from console to console and then to the reactor with out any opposition. I didn’t even get a chance to kill anyone on the Titan it was so fast!

2nd Round: (which was my best)
-I spent half the round defending the titan and missle site nearest the Titan with one of the lower Titan guns, which accounted for my best ever kill streak of 18! At the end of the round I was shocked to see 2 pages of awards!!

Titan Defender Pin
Silver Star
Meritorious Unit Service Ribbon
Titan Defender Pin
Combat Efficiency Pin
Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin

And I was awarded a new rank! Master Sergeant Gold!!

Everyone have some sweet cake with this or enjoy a cold one.. It was awesome!

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