Sep 292007

So my Mother and Father got Matt a Fisher Price digital camera. It takes 640 by 480 pictures and can hold about 60 images

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. I put in a 16 meg SD card and now it can hold about double that.

**See post above for repost of slide show**

All I can say is he loves it!! Matt took 142 pictures in 15 minutes… I would say he loves his camera. I’ll probably put some more up here in a bit.. Since he’s running around like a mad man taking more right now. I have deleted some of them as they were either just black or white =). I think he needs to learn that he doesn’t have to be .3 inches from his subject matter to use a flash.

I’m very proud of him at this point as he’s taken some good pictures. I also look forward to the pictures he’ll take in the future as I’m sure they will give us a peek inside his little mind. He’s a very creative boy, and I have no doubt that either myself or Christine will need to empty the camera every few hours for the first few weeks.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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