Nov 232007

Thanksgiving 2007!!

Yes, this year we had Turkey day at home. With Christine being sick, and the Catie being sick and Matt not being here we thought it best to stay home. Everything except the cornbread was made from scratch. I would like to thank my Mother for the help with the Turkey. It came out AWESOME!! Meat fell off the bone =) and we now have enough left overs to last a week!

The menu for this year was great!
Brown sugar & honey Yams
Butternut Squash Bisque (yum yum)
Greenbean caserole
Cranberry and Mandarin Jam
Pumpkin Pie with homemade whip cream!

On a side note.. even though Christine is not feeling 100%.. she went to Black Friday!! yes.. there are stores opening at midnight.. so she’s there.. ready to flex her buying muscle.

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. ready to show the other ladies who are just as crazy that they need to “move out the way!” when it comes to the sale… I hope she gets what she’s looking for.. Me.. I’m going to bed now.. =) I have to work in the morning.

Love everyone!

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