Mar 192008

MK IV All-Terrain Heavy Speeder Tank “Anti-Vehicle” (AT-HT/a)


MK IV Heavy Speeder Tank (AT-HT/a)

Specifications: Combat Assault Tank
* Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
* Top Speed: 80 kph
* Engines: Twin Radiant 4000RL Repulserlift engines
* Weight: 44 short tons
* 15mm Anti-blast reactive composite armor
* Dual high energy deflector shields
* Crew: Four (1 maintenance droid)

Main Armament:
* 120mm smoothbore laser cannon

Secondary Armament:
* Anti-Air Concussion Missile System (AACMS)
* Dual 70mm Anti-vehicle blaster
* Twin 20mm forward firing laser cannon
* 12.7mm Anti-personal blaster


The MK IV “Anti-Vehicle” tank is one of the main battle tanks of the Grand Army of the Republic. In service since the initial deployment of the Grand Army on Geonosis. The AT-HT/a was designed to be extremely maneuverable, moderately armored and heavily armed. During the Battle of Geonosis the tank specialized in heavy anti-vehicle and large droid combat and distinguished itself as a versatile weapons platform.

Droid Repair Unit

The DRU was commissioned several years before Battle of Geonosis and was easy and cheap for the Trade Federation to create. These droids later became the template for the Separatist Droid Army

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. The DRU is capable of field repairs for a number of small to large armored vehicles as well as some military grade spacecraft. The DRU was used well into the War until being replaced by more efficient Republic manufactured droids.

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