Apr 222008

This week has been busy, busy, and double busy! I have 2 custom auctions up on ebay and I just finished the AT-ST that I have been re-painting. I’m currently waiting on someone elses work to sell on ebay before I attempt to sell the AT-ST. I got the item for less than 20 bucks shipped

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. I’m thinking to start at exactly what I paid for it, and hope that it does well.

here is a neat photoshop I did.

I think I’m going to break out one of the AT-AP’s and start on it this weekend. I still have the mon cal to finish, and then I’m going to try to do one or two more custom figs in the next 2 or so days. I’m expecting a shipment of 22 figures that I got dirt, dirt cheap to arrive in the next 2 days. That should give me ALOT more options to customize with.

Anyways, the family is doing great, we are all excited about the summer! Work is also pretty good with my new job pushing me, and allowing me to learn new stuff.

Talk to you all a little later where I’ll have a more wordy update.

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