May 022008

Iron Man 4 1/2 stars out of 5
I really enjoyed the film, it had a nice sense of humor that at the right moments created screen gold. The story and characters of the movie were also all well done, and RDJ as Tony Stark was a perfect match. There’s something that RDJ brings to a chaotic role, it’s in his eyes, or the way he handles his body. You can feel his cockiness and personality melding.

So even though the general story and characters worked I had trouble with the overall “evil” plot. The “bad guy” was not very good. I think what Marvel is having a problem doing is creating characters which these superhero’s can defeat that pose some type of challenge. In this movie, we see the standard “Hulk” bad guy.. which is just a copy of himself, which only he can destroy. I was disappointed to see a larger, uglier version of Iron Man fighting himself

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. This was just like The Hulk, which is just like the new Hulk, which is unlike Spider-man who seem to have it right.

In the end, it was still a great movie and I would recommend anyone go see it if they enjoy a good laugh, good action and good acting.

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