Sep 012008

What wild holiday weekend! So it started Thursday with Christine getting a stomach bug and us going to the ER that night. All weekend Christine was a little under the weather which meant we had to stay close to home and not eat anything spicy 😛

So today was the icing on the cake though. You see before we left for vacation we took Christine’s Kia to the shop for them to look at the AC. You see the AC has been acting up, but the Kia dealership said they could not repro the problem so we had to pay the fee for them to diagnostic the car

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Then today while we were in Dublin headed to the Stoneridge mall to kill some time the AC compressor locks up and causes the Serp belt to begin to burn and smoke. Lucky for us I pulled into the next parking lot, which was the local Station 2 Fire Station.

They guys there were awesome, just like I remember firefighters. They helped with everything and offered us drinks and anything we needed. So we called Kia and they had the car towed to the dealership (yes the same one who said there was nothing wrong a month ago) so Christine will have her way with them tomorrow. It will be funny to watch them shiver in fear.

I can’t wait!!

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