Oct 312008

I’m not too happy with “E*Trade” at the moment. You see, even though the economy is being hit hard (perhaps more so by the news) this is the prefect time to “invest”. However, I used E*Trades “Quick Transfer” option, which I thought would be “Quick”. However, it takes 4 days to move the money to my brokerage account. I’m ok with that, I started the process on Monday, I should have had the money posted by today.

However, the “Quick Transfer” actually didn’t post until WEDNSDAY!!! Which means my money wont be ready to be invested until TUESDAY or WEDNSDAY of next week

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. 4 days my fat ass!!

This means I may not be in the as near perfect position I was hoping I would be in today. Hopefully the next President wont be able to fix the economy by next week :\ BO/JM PLEASE wait until next FRIDAY!!!! (Thanks!)


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