Nov 052008

Here is (as of 8am PST) the results of California’s Props.
Name of Prop, % voted Yes and No
1A Y Safe, Reliable High-Speed Train Bond Act Yes Votes 52.3% No Votes 47.7%
2 Y Standards for Confining Farm Animals Yes Votes 63.3% No Votes 36.7%
3 Y Children’s Hospital Bond Act. Grant Program. Yes Votes 54.8% No Votes 45.2%
4 N Parent Notif. Before Terminating Minor’s Pregnancy Yes Votes 47.6% No Votes 52.4%
5 N Nonviolent Drug Offense. Sentencing, Parole, Rehab Yes Votes 40.2% No Votes 59.8%
6 N Police, Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Laws. Yes Votes 30.5% No Votes 69.5%
7 N Renewable Energy Generation Yes Votes 35.0% No Votes 65.0%
8 Y Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Yes Votes 52.1% No Votes 47.9%
9 Y Criminal Justice System. Victims’ Rights. Parole. Yes Votes 53.3% No Votes 46.7%
10 N Altern

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. Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy Bonds Yes Votes 40.1% No Votes 59.9%
11 Y Redistricting Yes Votes 50.6% No Votes 49.4%
12 Y Veterans’ Bond Yes Votes 63.5% No Votes 36.5%

Some other interesting results from other states:
Arizona Prop 102 Ban on Gay Marriage Yes 56%
Arkansas Initiative 1 Ban on unmarried couples adopting Children Yes 57%
California Prop 8 Ban on Gay Marriage Yes 52%
Florida Amendment 2 ban on Gay Marriage Yes 62%

I guess this means that America is not ready for same-sex couples using the word marriage. I believe they should have all the same rights, but they really need their own word.

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