Nov 112008

I know, I’ve been slow to post here lately

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. I’ve been super busy working on stuff for Christine, and getting over a cold that seems to want to kick my butt. Plus the children are plotting to kill us much like a Family Guy episode. the Girl, she does things that are super human and are physically only possible in a teenager. Jumping and running and climbing. Slowly attempting to wittle down my nerve until it’s shot. The Boy, he plots our doom through the spoken word thinking that if we can’t get a word in edge wise we’ll just give up.

It’s working! My nerves are shot, and given up talking all together!!! 😛 Anyways, work seems to be going good even with our stock price in the potty. We have a bunch of great games coming and I helped launch Mirror’s Edge yesterday. My next big game launch is Left4 Dead which will be easy, and then after that Burnout Paradise on the PC.

However, my biggest challange is Battleforge which is taking up a lot of my time. Document writing has become my new hobby!

So as I get though this busy season (with a respite) in Decemeber I leave you with a promise. I promise to post more pictures of the kids soon, as well as looking to update my entire site again. I don’t want it to be stale and boring.


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