Dec 252008

So Christmas is almost here, and it’s been one hell of a year! Today we had Christine’s family over (two times) so that was about 15 adults and 4 kids

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. We had everything from chips, to homemade gingerbread cookies to pasta with meatballs.

Everything was great and we managed to have the kids to bed before “Santa” showed up on the internet map. NORAD Santa

We had such a good time we wrote part of a great song.
12 plates of pasta
11 bags of wrapping paper
10 boxes of see’s candy
9 JC Penny sweaters
8 trays of cookies
7 people watching TV
6 baby dolly’s
5 filled stockings
4 times I wash forks
3 hours of yule log
2 huge ass barbie toys
1 Mike’s wallet left in closet.

Fun I tell you, check out the picasa pic site for some of the great moments.

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