Apr 142009

I decided to take a few days off in hopes of catching up on some sleep and having some fun with the kids. Thursday went great! Matt and I spent some one on one time together. Friday was when it all started. Catie was in the middle of being sick, Christine was just starting it and I could feel it coming on. The weekend, Monday and Tuesday shot!

Coughing, runny nose and sore body all over. The worst part is that for the last few years if I sleep longer than 8 or so hours my back strts to hurt

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. This means not as many naps in bed for me. Christine is over her cold now with her and Catie having a slight cough now and then. Me I have tiny bursts of energy that end in me being wiped out for a few hours.

I’m hoping to go back to work tomorrow. A lot has happenend and I’m falling too far behind.

Here’s too feeling better!

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