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Yes, it’s true! I’ve had over 15 years of accident free living and this car, my favorite car of all time has never been in an accident until Tuesday when I was hit from behind while stopped in traffic on the way to work

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I was the lead car in a three way fender bender in which APD responded to. Citations for failure to provide valid insurance, and failure to provide valid ID were given to driver #3 who impacted the middle vehicle which in turn hit mine.

Damage seems to be isolated to my rear bumper, which looks like it has been pushed down about 1 inch and in about 2 inches. The left rear tail light has been popped from its housing and both are pushed up about 1/2 an inch. The great part is you can see the front plate and bumper of car #2 in my bumper… :\

Here is some video:

Car Damage

Here are some images of the damage:

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