Mar 272014

Life after the apocalypse is damn hard.. Zombies be trying to mess with you while you build and (little unknown fact here) All of the people who used to make tools that could square or measure something are dead.. gone, poof! Hell if you try to line something up.. or make it so two corners come together right, or if even you build two different walls the same damn size..


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. We are about 70% base building complete.. Jerry’s tower of Osprey doom is completed, and we’ve managed to get the base outline done in cinder. The downside is that now we need many, many more cinder blocks to finish the walls before we can put the floors up and lock it up airtight.

Here’s a better diagram than the sketch I did the other day. We’ll use this to track what color key goes to which vehicle in the garages and what type of supplies are in each of the sheds. It should make things slightly easier..

It's a base!

It’s a base!


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