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Below is an email I received from TCP on May 9th. I believe any customer in the affected neighborhood who has paid online at least once received this email. As you can see, the email expresses TCP claims that they are in fact cheaper than 8 other local propane dealers average price. What they fail to mention is that the Texas Railroad Commission regulates residential and commercial propane service with a monthly cap

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. This cap is reflected in the email. This means that these “other” local propane companies are NOT providing residential or commercial service (as that is regulated) but probably bottle refilling. It should be noted that ALL TCP prices were 1/10th of a penny below the Texas Regulated Price cap. For example.. March 2014’s price was $2.809. They also appear to lengthen or shorten our monthly payment cycle to take advantage of the higher regulated price for which ever month is higher. The one fact that is not being denied is that TCP has never exceeded the TRC regulated cap price, though they could be manipulating the billing period to achieve the same outcome.

TCP Email

TCP Email

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