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“I want a drone Paba” she said… and for her birthday I got her one.. It’s not one of those drones that you’d see on TV, delivering death from above, or even one of those drones that would deliver your Amazon package. It’s a tiny palm sized drone, in pink for a little girl to dream of flying.







The KiiToys Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter is a tiny .3 oz terror from the sky! These are basically X-10 mini drones which have been re-branded to a bunch of re-sellers.  Even with that being the case I love the build quality of the drone

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. The body is made of metal (maybe some kind of aluminum?) and appears VERY sturdy and strong. So far it’s weathered through numerous impacts in the last 48 hours. The props are a soft, bendable plastic which on hard impact can deform. The good part about that is that you can often reform them back into the proper shape (or close enough shape) to get it flying again in seconds.

The drone also has a flip mode, which my daughter loves and 3 levels of controller sensitivity. Low, Medium and High, with the latter giving the most responsiveness in flight, but should be used for outdoor use. I find that with the medium sensitivity on I can fly the drone pretty well indoors. As my daughter gets more practice with this, I envision her flying larger and larger drones as she gets older.

Watch out world, in the future our children will be the drone pilots we see on the news and the more practice they get now, the better they’ll be at filling those roles and private sector roles for drone piloting.


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