Jan 272015

How can one explain what one would think would be an easy, automated update which would come with no headaches and be completed quickly. Of course, those words and ideas don’t come with any interaction you have with the Fed. Late last year my Father passed away, and I worked with the Office of Social Security to make sure that my Mother (the surviving spouse) got the correct benefit amount.

Needless to say, I started calling the SS office in late October and have called them every month since to work out the bumps in their system. To date, my Mother has still not gotten the right amount due her. Last time I called in December, they said that they had updated her status to survivor rather than spouse and that we would see the increased amount adjusted

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. That obviously has not happened as of yet and I’m on the phone right now waiting to try and resolve it again as I type this.

The one thing that I have liked about the SS office is that they give you the option of getting a call back (instead of sitting in the phone queue). However, to my horror if something screws up and you don’t say “Call back” at the right time, you’re never asked again if you’d like to be called back and you’re either forced to HANG UP.. or wait on the line, draining your phones battery..

With luck, today will work out for the best after I put my 50 minutes of waiting to the test..


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