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When you decide to get into a hobby, it’s best to go all in. Earlier this year I got a WLToys 626 which was amazing and fun to fly. However, that was then and this is now. Fast forward 3 months of research, reading and watching videos and I was ready to build my own quad. I went back and forth between wanting something “fast” in the 250mm range or something larger and more stable in the 450 to 550mm range.









I ended up deciding on a Flame wheel 450mm frame after lots of thinking. Of course, after making your choice on frame size you have to think about the size of your engines, ESC’s and props. Here is the parts list that I went with.. A good portion of the parts came in one kit which I got from Amazon and Hobby Power. All powered by a 4000Mah 25C battery. In the next article, we’ll talk about the build!

Flame Wheel 450mm “Clone” frame kit. $125.00

comes with the frame, 4 motors, and 4 ESCs

F450 Frame

F450 Kit






4x Sunnysky x2212 980kv II motors






4x HobbyPower 30Amp ESC (SimonK firmware)








DJI Naza M Lite w/GPS (You can get this off of ebay) ~$150

If this so too much money you can always get a Naza32 or CC3D flight controller for under $40






4x 1045 props $8.99






Extended Landing gear

extended gear





Flysky 9 channel TX/Flysky th9x RX (Shop around, this is one of the most expensive items you’ll get, if you want to spend the money. FlySky th9x $100







Batteries.. vary in size.. I purchased 2 4000 mAh 25C batteries. they give me about 15-17 minutes of flight time

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SKYRC iMAX B6 Mini Balance Charger $35.99

SkyRC Charger






You’ll also want to get some Xt60 connectors (about 5 pair) so you can replace the connectors to your batteries and have the right one on your frame.

 $4.00 Nylon XT60 Connectors Male Female (5 pairs) GENUINE
You’ll also want some 12 awg silicon wire (1 red & 1 black)and some heat shrink of various sizes!

Some other small odds and ends.. they will make your life easier and you only buy them once!

Carbon Fiber Magnetic Propeller Balancer $2.71








$ 7.00
Or you can do what I did and got a cash box at the Walmart for $10 bucks to put my battery bag in.. thus it’s lockable and flame proof!

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