Apr 212017

Hello there everyone! (and my future self)

This year was a special year. I had the pleasure of having my daughter want to take her second season of soccer via a local soccer league. She’s 10 years old and she is very fond of the sport and puts all her effort and drive into it. However, this season the league was short coaches for the girls teams and as time got down to the wire, my daughter asked me to coach her team. Now, I haven’t played competitive soccer since middle school were I played left and right halfback. I loved it, it was a great experience and having the chance to teach my daughter soccer sparked not only pride in me, but a surge of love.

I found that I would have 5 total girls age, 10-12 years old. None of the girls have had any real soccer experience so I had my work cut out for me. We had two, one hour practices before our first game. We worked very hard. The girls were amazing and even though we lost our first game It was a starting point.

For each following Saturday we practiced. Working on fundamentals, drills knowing where to be when the ball was in play. That was the first big hurtle. The girls just looked lost, but we practiced and they got better. The next game, and the one following the teams playing improved leaps and bounds and even though we lost you could see the girls get better. And so we go into the final few games and we have a practice tomorrow. The girls are ready, I can see it in them. They understand the game, the know where to be 90% of the time and they are building their confidence.

It’s my hope that we rise to the occasion and that the girls win their next game!


PS. I hope to have a small site or section of this site setup on how to coach 10-13 year old girls in soccer who have never played.. = )



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