Dec 312018

Separation Anxiety

Being alone, is worse when there is nothing to get you by.
Confused state of mind, not getting better over time.
Broken down, without much to look forward to, always going backwards, slipping.
Dazzled in blindness, I didn’t want to see it coming, it still felt sharp when you told me.

Breaking ties, one at a time, some letters missing, calling things different. Not a big deal in your eyes.
Every cut, every nick separates the feelings we had, our time so long to build, easy to tear down.
I just hope that there’s more to me than a broken spirit, that can learn to live.
Belonging, and hoping, love will.

Creative delight, insight into my blight.
My nervous bite, that leaves me less than me.

My hopes, my dreams are uneven and not in this light
You’re not looking forward to what could be.

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