Feb 072019

When you look inside my heart,
what do you see there now?
is it blackened like the start?
or is it shaped like a star.

Wanting to lead you home,.
Didn’t want to see you go.
My feelings have never changed,
But it doesn’t mean I’m the same.

Perfect is the word you used to describe your pain.
You told me you’d never let yourself feel that way again.
Changing your mind isn’t about saying the words.
It’s about the actions you see me take towards

Changing, only for the good.
Changing, to be a better love
Staying, in touch with my heart.
Staying, in touch from the start.

Realized much to late,
That our ideas were the same.
Should have listened to you more
to know what was in store

Didn’t think things through enough,
I should have supported what you thought
My mistake was taking you for granted,
Instead of taking you for who you weren’t

Over exposed, layed bare for all to see.
Unwrapped, layers peeling back.
Tracing the outlines of your face
I remember why I feel in love in the first place.

My criticism was a mistake,
I hold all the blame
But that led to your contempt
Which is more of the same.

You put up your defense
I put up a wall
To keep each of us out
These Four problems that caused it all.

Finding a better way
To communicate our style, your smile
I need you to understand
I’m in this race, at this pace for every mile

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Until our love is healed,
Until our dreams are whole
Share equally with you my life
I promise to uphold

Changing, want to show you that I have
Changing, not the same person that you’ve had.
Staying, with you all my feelings are yours
Staying, in our family fighting through together, everything that life has in store.

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