Marvel’s Inhumans Episode #1

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Sep 302017

So I’ve heard so much bad press about this series, but also some good press. Reviews are mixed, but of course there is always a story behind things. What I’ve heard is that this entire series was started with just 6 weeks lead time. Normally a TV series, especially one of this complexity should take several months to even a few years. Character design, set design and story design take time. I’ve heard that this series was rushed because IMAX needed a filler for the late summer.

I’m in the middle of watching Episode 1 as I write this and I’m liking it. The acting isn’t that bad so far and the opening scene was clearly made for IMAX but so far so good. The only odd thing I have to add at the moment is that when the two kids under go terragenisis they don’t go into a cocoon…. This series should run in parallel to ABC’s SHIELD and even makes reference to terragens release into the world.

I also love BlackBolt, a king who has to rule in silence or his very word could cause destruction. More to come after I watch Episode #2!



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Update on the Gaming PC

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Jun 252017

Sometimes I like to benchmark for the sake of benchmarking… found this site.. and so I ran mine up against others.. not a bad performance for an aging old lady.. She still has it where she needs it..

Here is a link to their i5-2500k Page:

And here is a like to thier P8Z77 M Pro Motherboard page:



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May 102017

What an amazing movie! I loved it. 9 out of 10 stars. There were a few spots were the story wore somewhat thin, but overall it was funny, well written and the special effects were extremely well done!


Not going to go into spoilers or story re-hash, you will just go see it.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Loving it!

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Apr 222017

I’ve been playing PUBG for about 3 weeks now and I can’t get enough. It’s been so bad, other games have fallen off my radar and my youtube channel is all PUBG footage. (here go check!)

However, it’s great fun and they’ve promised to release a new patch every month while it’s in early access. I can’t wait to see how the game evolves.

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