PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Loving it!

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Apr 222017

I’ve been playing PUBG for about 3 weeks now and I can’t get enough. It’s been so bad, other games have fallen off my radar and my youtube channel is all PUBG footage. (here go check!)

However, it’s great fun and they’ve promised to release a new patch every month while it’s in early access. I can’t wait to see how the game evolves.

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Coaching a Young Girls Soccer Team Part 1

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Apr 212017

Hello there everyone! (and my future self)

This year was a special year. I had the pleasure of having my daughter want to take her second season of soccer via a local soccer league. She’s 10 years old and she is very fond of the sport and puts all her effort and drive into it. However, this season the league was short coaches for the girls teams and as time got down to the wire, my daughter asked me to coach her team. Now, I haven’t played competitive soccer since middle school were I played left and right halfback. I loved it, it was a great experience and having the chance to teach my daughter soccer sparked not only pride in me, but a surge of love.

I found that I would have 5 total girls age, 10-12 years old. None of the girls have had any real soccer experience so I had my work cut out for me. We had two, one hour practices before our first game. We worked very hard. The girls were amazing and even though we lost our first game It was a starting point.

For each following Saturday we practiced. Working on fundamentals, drills knowing where to be when the ball was in play. That was the first big hurtle. The girls just looked lost, but we practiced and they got better. The next game, and the one following the teams playing improved leaps and bounds and even though we lost you could see the girls get better. And so we go into the final few games and we have a practice tomorrow. The girls are ready, I can see it in them. They understand the game, the know where to be 90% of the time and they are building their confidence.

It’s my hope that we rise to the occasion and that the girls win their next game!


PS. I hope to have a small site or section of this site setup on how to coach 10-13 year old girls in soccer who have never played.. = )



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Update on the six million dollar man..

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Oct 022016

First, here are the new stock metrics..

Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3720.0MHz – 706 XTU marks on HWBOT



It was a long journey.. through mostly dust… and dust bunnies..







Finally, though I got the old motherboard out, and the new one in..







Got it all wired up..







and finally, ran new lighting..







Over the next few days, I’ll work on benchmarking some more and then start overclocking.. my hope is to hit 4.5Ghz. Currently, with “Turbo” at stock it reached 3.7Ghz @ 55C and idles at 29C thanks to my Thermaltake Water 2.0. My old Asrock H61 motherboard could only push the turbo to 3.5Ghz for some reason.. Stay tuned!


Update, I overclocked to 4.5Ghz, but my temps hit 73C which I think is too high.. However, I do have a new score!

Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 4500.0MHz – 769 XTU marks on HWBOT

That’s 73 Marks higher!

Third Benchmark, I lowered my voltage to 1.33v and my CPU to 4.4Ghz and got better temps.. and more speed!

Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 4440.0MHz – 784 XTU marks on HWBOT

1 degree cooler @72C, less voltage and That’s 78 Marks!


Okay, last update for this post.. I have been tweaking settings.. and..

@4.54Ghz with 783 Marks @ 64C highest core temp.. Dropped Vcore to 1.30v and bumped BLCK 101Mhz.. I’m good at this for right now.. I may try to push it to 4.6Ghz after I get some play time on it this week.. New post then!

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Ghost Wire Install from Sewell

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Aug 292016

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars!




My wife was tired of seeing the wires for our front surround speakers and since we had recently moved into a new home it was her chance to put her foot down and get what she wanted. I did some research and found that the Ghost Wires from Sewell looked to fit the bill. There is very little on the internet around the installation of these wires outside of how to make 90 degree turns.

Before: Speaker was alone and didn’t look very good… So we decided to repaint and redo the wiring!













I took the project head on though and I think it turned out okay. I decided not to use the terminal blocks simply because of the cost. 4 of them go for about $30 dollars, which for how they look isn’t such a great deal. I also found (i purchased one for testing) that the blocks are kind of heavy and without some kind of support, pull the Ghost wire (thus pulling the adhesive and the wire from the wall)


I opted to solder a few pieces of my old speaker wire onto the Ghost wire. I saw that some soldered to the top of the Ghost wire, but I decided to solder to the underside. I think it still came out well.

P_20160828_151649 P_20160828_151742 P_20160828_152016 P_20160828_152122 P_20160828_152326






Applying the Ghost wire to the wall was fairly simple, I started at the speaker location and worked my way towards my receiver. The 90 degree turn at the floor and at the receiver were fairly easy to do. I did think that since you have to fold it over itself it does make it a little thick.

P_20160828_153307 P_20160828_153310 P_20160828_153315






I also opted to putty the edges of the wire and do some light texturing. I found that the adhesive though sticky wasn’t holding some of the edges so well. I think this is mostly because of the fact my wall is textured. In the end though, I think it came out pretty well and my wife was very happy. Now she just wants all the wires and cables behind my receiver gone and hidden =) Not sure how I’m going to do that just yet.

P_20160828_155536 P_20160828_155540 P_20160828_180631







Completed Project:

P_20160829_094756 P_20160829_094808







Still have to finish assemble of the furniture and tuck everything away..








Light weight



Easy to install



90 degree turns can be thick

Termination blocks are expensive

Adhesive not so good (on textured walls) – See images

P_20160829_094814 P_20160829_094826






Total cost to install: $50 for 50 feet of wire, paint, wall putty, solder and wire


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