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May 122008

It’s been a hell of a long day, but you know what… I can’t wait to get home to see the kids and my love =) Since yesterday I’ve been thinking how wonderful she is and how much she does for all of us. She truely is the best thing that ever happen to me. [–READ MORE–]

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May 122008

Yesterday was Mother’s Day… a day in which we all thank and take an extra minute to love our Mothers or wifes who are mothers. I just wanted to post and say how much I love Christine and too say what a great job she is doing at being a mother. It’s not easy and [–READ MORE–]

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Oct 202007
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This coat was on the rack and i thought it would look funny on christine ala chewbaca. Only stupid me didnt realize that it actually cost more than my car new! 21,395 dollars! Who thought ugly was cheap!

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