Check out this cool Kid Art

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Mar 092011
Check out this cool Kid Art I love this and hope to have Matt and Catie do it this summer. It may be fun for them to find the rocks and paint them and it should calm Catie down a lot to paint all summer long = )

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Summer Finally starts!

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Jul 312010
Summer Finally starts!

I dropped Christine off at the airport today so she could travel to Cali and back in one day. Her cargo of course being the boy. He’s due back finally and we are all extremely excited. We’ve got so many things planned for him over the next month and the following weeks after school starts. [–READ MORE–]

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Matt cut

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May 182009
Matt cut

Matt after his haircut and traditional after cut Starbuck chocolate milk. Marco @n Mobile

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May 122009

Fun at the Ikea! Good times! Marco @n Mobile

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Mar 222009

He like it! Marco @n Mobile

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