Building a better pony stable…

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Apr 162013
Building a better pony stable...

My daughter asked if she could her a stable for her MyLittle Pony toys and future Breyer pony toys. We looked online and the prices for even a small stable were VERY HIGH! That being the case, I decided to create one myself. From design to final painting (which currently I’m just finishing up details) [–READ MORE–]

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Jul 082008

So what have I been up to this week? Lets see, earlier on Sunday we went up to see Christine’s parents in Sacromento. It was great fun. The kids loved having an entire pre-school all to themselves. (check out the pics in the family gallery page) Original Scorch:Stealth Scorch: I’ve also been packing up my [–READ MORE–]

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Jun 302008

So recently one of the guys on Ebay did their second custom of this figure. It sold for about $10 dollars more than mine. I’m not a hater, but I need to ask myself if I’m listing too low to start with, or adv in the wrong place? Or making my listings at the wrong [–READ MORE–]

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Jun 282008

So I’m working on my newest custom, a Null ARC Starfighter. It’s based on the Jedi Starfighter, but with different paint. I currently have two paint schemes drafted up. The first one is the most radical design, with the second one being a traditional repaint.

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Jun 022008

So I just finished my latest Star Wars Custom figure. I think it came out rather nice! Color is good, hair sculpt is very good, and over all it matches what I was going for much better than the ones I’ve seen others do. I should have this one up on Ebay by this afternoon [–READ MORE–]

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