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Mar 162007

Pluto Demoted! So today I was a little bored at work before it picked up.. and I made this cute little graphic. I love Battlefield!!

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Mar 142007

Okay so what’s new for today? Well I’m branching out!! Yes I’m exploring things.. Well, some of its work related, and some is just for fun. Here is my new YouTube Channel where you’ll be able to see family video.MyPron YouTube Station And here is my SingShot profile page! Hopefully you’ll see more on each [–READ MORE–]

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Jan 312007

So my newest project is to rip all my CD’s and then sell them online! Yes, I’ve had a VERY large CD collection for some time. Between being a DJ and just growing up during the birth of the CD I can happily say I have around 400 of them. To help do all this, [–READ MORE–]

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