Day #2 Austin Game Conference

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Sep 222016
Day #2 Austin Game Conference

Day two has been just as great as day one. Touching on player relations, game design and machine learning in video games. ​ My time here is almost over,but I already can’t wait until next year. Best quote of the day. “Everyone thinks their are a game designer”. See you next year AGC when we [–READ MORE–]

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Blood of my heart 

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Sep 222016

Understand, in my heart I see you as the life that flows through it. Rhythm of beat, I hear nothing in my ears but ours thumping together.  My eyes only see you, bright and like a star in the sky. Like the sun warming my face I take in all that is around us.  Our [–READ MORE–]

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Tread Softly

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Mar 112016

Their pure souls, with their horror of question after question. Unable to control themselves when it would be easy they instead unleash their fury upon those who stand near or are related by birth. The running and jumping are the worst. They pay no mind to those around them, they heed no empathy. Crashing and [–READ MORE–]

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Sunrise Irony

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Mar 022016

Fall before the sunrises and the ending is near. A riddle tune of suspect advise, given to us in fear. I call into the wind and its silence is my misery. Fighting for your love now is like battling for everything. Seasons ending soon, Sunrise is Irony the seasons ending soon, no time to say [–READ MORE–]

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Feb 212016

I never saw myself like this, I had removed eating alone from my vocabulary. Sitting here, feels alien, feels unnatural and unfamiliar. The laughter our table would have had, is now silenced, but I can’t forget the sounds, every time I blink they rush into me. I keep looking across from me, hearing a little [–READ MORE–]

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