AGC 2016 Day #1

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Sep 222016

Yesterday,was the first day of the Austin Game Conference here in Austin TX.This is the first year the conference returned to Austin and it’s an exciting time. I had the pleasure of taking in severalof the talks from the first day.  From engaging YouTube streamers and influencers to learning about baking monetization into your game [–READ MORE–]

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Jun 172008

Making games is what I do, and trying out other sites is part of that. Here is game I made via another site in about 30 seconds. Make a game | Share | Free games | Pictogame

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Oct 142007

Here is catie crawling! yes.. it only took her about two weeks from the first real attempt and now she is an old pro. She only falls over about once every 4 minutes 😛 Friday at work, the guys decided to seal one of the guys cubes in platic wrap. And I mean all of [–READ MORE–]

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Multimedia message

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Sep 252007
Multimedia message

Joe is not even on my team anymore but he is still cool enough to give me a gift to celebrate his one year hire date.

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Aug 222007

I worked on this back in November it was good, good fun. The story is a little stylized for the media as almost all the chat was done outside of our service. Enjoy!

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