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I will try to get this all updated as quickly as possible so that we have the latest prices for items. At the moment a lot of the helicopters and armed vehicles are very expensive (up to 12 briefs for the MV-22 and 9 for the Blackhawk)

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Some written and unwritten rules of the server:

  • Be respectful when it comes to missions. Though you can’t call a mission and you can get upset with folks who just walk in and begin looting, you should only bitch to yourself quietly and remember those peoples names. When it comes to rides and help from others, being respectful can pay off for you in the future!! *wink wink*
  • If you do a mission with other people, it’s considered considerate to “share” the loot with the participants. You can either divide up the loot there, or agree to sell it and divide up the gold afterwards. If there is a vehicle there, and you want it you should compensate the others who helped you get it!! Don’t be an ass so to speak unless everyone agrees that you are.
  • When using high level equipment, it is often nice to check with others before simply going into the mission and blowing everything to hell

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  • No looting of bodies (unless asked to by the owner) no stealing, no base raiding, no pvp (AT ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON) no matter how ass hat the other person is. Rest assured that if they kill you first, they will be banned first.
  • Keep fire barrel use to a minimum (for heat) as many of them can cause server lag
  • Talking VON in side chat will get you an automatic warning. Talking again will get you kicked!
  • Live within your means. This means if you are a solo player or even a small group, you do not need castle Greyskull and the worlds 3rd largest vodnik collection.


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