Cups 2005



The images below are from an ongoing series I’m currently working
on called "Cups". They depict my girlfriend Christine with glassware
of different kinds.
My reason for this series is two fold. One, to show that people, time and
events are capturable and that two, emotion especially love can come from
the simpliest of things like a cup, or a bottle

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"real Oj" -A brisk bay area morning begins with Denny’s and some
OJ. -07/2005

"Classics" Peering through a crystal ball? or seeing the future?

"How many times" Apple juice at Red Robin, Matts first time there,
it took us 10 minutes to get this juice… 08/2005

"Fries with that cup?" A brief stop at Dairy Queen produced this
shot, not only is the cup of high importance, but the 3 sauces also play a
large roll. -08/2005

"A Mothers love" Even something as simple as water can produce an
abundance of love -09/2005

"Morning Cell" IHOP, cell phones and love. 10/2005

"Salt?" Not really a cup or glassware, this salt shaker reminded
me of a glass so I had to take the picture… 10/2005

"Romance at the Market" a nice dinner out at the Fish Market results
in this awesome picture of love. 10/2005

"There be Dragon rolls in those hills" Hiding behind this lovely
tall glass of Sapporo hides Christines favorite sushi, the Dragon Roll. 10/2005

"I shall not Cinn" -Her dream, complete bliss for 20 minutes…
bon! 10/2005

"Yes, I do eat meat sometimes" local burger joint 10/2005

"Mexican Food Palace" One of the last days in October, 10/2005

"Happy me" probably one of the best cups images. November 2005 fishmarket

"Chilling in Reno" after dozens of buffets and lots of gambling..
we tire.. Reno Nov 2005

Early December at Chilly’s in Pal Alto Dec 2005

IHOP, oh how we love this place and their scratched glassware. Dec 2005

Denny’s after a hard day at the fish market. Dec 2005

Jonny Rockets @ The Great Mal, with great fun as well. Dec 2005

Pacific Grill before work time. Dec 2005

Some place that has horribly cheap looking cups… Dec 2005


The last cups picture of 2005 at Chevy’s in Foster City. As the ad says,
"Tis the season to be frosty." So here is nothing but warmth and
love. Dec 2005

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