Cups 2006



The images below are from an ongoing series I’m currently working
on called "Cups". They depict my girlfriend Christine with glassware
of different kinds.
My reason for this series is two fold. One, to show that people, time and
events are capturable and that two, emotion especially love can come from
the simpliest of things like a cup, or a bottle.


Denny’s Foster City, Jan 2006

Seafood place in Sosalito CA

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. fine dinning and love, Jan 2006

Quarter Deck, Ft Lauderdale Fl. Showing off the rock and a mojito. Feb 2006

The glass is just out of frame, but the love shows. Sci-Fi Drive in food stop,
Magic Kingdom. Feb 2006

When Mickey says drink.. you drink! Magic Kingdom, Feb 2006

"The Island" Marathon Key, FL. Mango drinks and Orange Sunsets.
Feb 2006

Key West, Fl. frozen drinks and hot days. Feb 2006

Key West, Fl. Sunsets and more frozen drinks. Feb 2006

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